"Relationships" is the fifth episode in the first season of the show As Time Goes By. It originally aired on 9 February 1992

Plot [edit | edit source]

Lionel calls the Jean’s workplace and Sandy picks up and is instructed by Jean tell him that she is out for the next decade and Sandy does so.

Lionel is home, at his flat, and Alistair arrives to tell Lionel that he needs to humanize the people in his book as they come off too lifeless. Lionel agrees to make the revisions to humanize the people in his book once Alistair gives the possibility of a life action adaptation. Alistair also asks Lionel for his permission to pursue Jean and Lionel simply states that it is not Lionel’s business and Alistair is free to do as he wishes.

Jean is in the office, excited that she got the office in Brompton Road which will allow her to open the second branch as Judy enters excitedly with a large basket of flowers. Jean is not excited about the flowers as she believes they are a business thank you and Judith is more excited about the flowers than the second branch as she believes the flowers are from Lionel. They find out that the flowers are from Alistair from the note as part of his plan to seduce Jean. Jean is flattered by the flowers and the attention from Alistair.

Lionel checks back into the hotel for the revisions of the book and jokes to the front desk clerk to his dismay. The front desk clerk gives him the Anson Suite to work on the revision in and Room 405.

Lionel goes the office and they trade barbs about Alistair and Denise. Lionel also tells Jean he broke up with Denise and asks for secretarial assistance for the new set of revisions of his book. He asks for Sandy as he believes they get on well together.

Jeans asks Sandy if she is okay with working with Lionel and Sandy is agreeable to it as she is used to Lionel’s personality and she likes working with him.

Lionel is doing revisions the revisions with Sandy and becomes frustrated with his inability to give life to the people in his book, though when they take a break and Sandy asks Lionel of what Jean was like when they were young and in love, Lionel becomes almost poetic in his description of Jean. Jean comes in after Lionel throws his drafts in the air and offers to help Lionel with the revisions later in the evening.

Lionel comes over the Jean’s home and Jean goes to make him scrambled eggs. Judy comes in a dress, ready to go out to eat with a crowd. Lionel gives a confidence boost and some advice to the slightly depressed Judy before she goes out. Jean comes in with the scrambled eggs and Lionel enjoys them.

Jean gives constructive criticism to Lionel on his book that it doesn’t not come off across as a biography, but rather as a guide to Kenya and coffee planting and Lionel should give his potential readers more of a glimpse into his life. They end up talking about Lionel and Jean’s marriages, the letter that was lost 38 years ago, the mule that kicked Lionel and the scar it caused. Judy comes back home and thanks Lionel for his advice, Jean goes to talk to Judy and Judy tells her mother that she is over Alistair and has fallen for Lionel.

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